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With over 50 years of experience in energy solutions, TGEM is an innovative technology-focused provider of metal and mineral refinement services. We're determined to create efficiency while delivering sustainability and social responsibility to Indonesian communities and our customers around the globe. 


Globally there is a predicted shortfall in available nickel by 2026 due to the the rising consumer demand for electric vehicles (EV). Our technology reverses this trend. 

Our breakthrough patented STAL technology allows for a 95% recovery rate from a wide range of nickel laterite deposits at a fraction of the cost of the current solution. 

The residues from the STAL technology are less acidic and can be converted into magnesium sulfates, iron ore, bricks and other non-hazardous waste products. 

Powering the EV revolution

The world is demanding change. Consumers are making the transition to renewable energy solutions and current nickel extraction technologies are unable to keep up with demand. A nickel supply deficit is expected to reach 400,000 tons per annum by 2030. Our proprietary and patented STAL refinement solution has been developed in collaboration with multiple joint venture partners in one the world's largest nickel-rich countries, right here in Indonesia. We are ready for you to help us take our innovative solution to the world.

Sustainability at the forefront

Here at TGEM we pride ourselves on the fact that our ESG policies are at the heart of how we operate as an organisation.

We're dedicated to having a global impact on the way nickel is extracted from ore. During auditing STAL produced 68% lower CO 2 emissions than RKEF, and 26% lower emissions than the widely used HPAL technology.

Waste residues created from STAL can be processed into iron ore and other resources for commercialisation contributing to our zero waste initiatives. 

Join us in taking our technology to the world. 



TGEM Projects Initiating 2024


Pioneering our green nickel integrated ecosystem, this site supports a STAL module with 2.5KT nickel capacity per year that  supports the entire ecosystem and a R&D facility for down-stream nickel value chain.

Barracuda Strategic Metals

BSM are a UK based company focused on strategic metal supply. Initial STAL construction will support up to 25KT of annual nickel output.


TGEM's integrated nickel processing facilities and fully supported STAL ecosystem can support nickel output of up to 14.7KT p.a.

Full Scale IGNITE Eco Park 

(Indonesian Green Nickel Technology)

Our IGNITE Eco Park also includes contributions from our other JV partners. 

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