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Powering Tomorrow's
Clean Energy

Nickel is crucial for batteries in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. At TGEM, we responsibly extract Class 1 Nickel using advanced, eco-friendly methods. Our Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP), a key intermediate product for Class 1 Nickel, features over 50% nickel content, far exceeding the industry standard of 30-40%, ensuring the highest quality.

Innovation at the Heart of Sustainability

At the core of TGEM is our drive to innovate for the planet’s benefit. Through our STAL Technology, we’re revolutionizing nickel production to be efficient and environmentally sound. Explore how our commitment to research and development paves the way for greener practices in the industry.

Global Expansion
with Modular

STAL Technology’s modular design is crucial for scaling our operations globally. This flexibility allows for rapid adaptation across diverse geographic and operational environments, enabling quick deployment and easy expansion of our sustainable nickel extraction processes.

Zero Waste:

Core of Our Sustainability

Central to TGEM’s sustainability mission, our Zero Waste Initiative is pivotal. Through innovative processing techniques, every by-product is repurposed—transforming potential waste into valuable resources. This initiative is a practical application of our dedication to the four pillars of sustainability, demonstrating our leadership in environmental stewardship.

Projects Shaping a Sustainable Future

Our projects are pivotal in forging a cleaner world. From GO STAL, operational since Q3 2023, STAL ONE Ecopark to IGNITE Ecopark, and several upcoming projects, we’re demonstrating how sustainable practices can be integrated into nickel production, setting new industry benchmarks for environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

Latest Insights and Updates

Keep up with TGEM’s advancements in sustainable nickel production, our community initiatives, and insights into the clean energy sector. Our stories reflect our journey towards innovation and environmental stewardship.

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TGEM is on a mission to revolutionize nickel production for a sustainable future. Find out how you can join us in making a difference, stay informed, or explore partnership opportunities.