Nickel: Powering the Green Revolution

At the core of sustainable energy and EV technology, Class 1 Nickel is vital. TGEM is reshaping its extraction and supply, positioning itself as a leader in the clean energy transition.

Meeting the Surge of EV Market Demand

EV Market Expanding, with Nickel expected to remain the dominant cathode market segment


of all global passenger car sales will be EVs by 2040 1


OEMs investing heavily in xEVs, with US$500B+ of investments announced 2


of global nickel resources are found in Indonesia, making it the largest in the world. 3

…Global Supply is Under Increased Pressure

Geopolitical bifurcation of the EV supply chain (China & ROW)

The only currently available technology has multiple issues related to its carbon footprint and waste management

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  3.  Wood Mackenzie and Public Information.

As the electric vehicle market expands, the demand for Class 1 Nickel surges, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The industry is urgently seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to address these challenges and support the growing demand.

Class 1 Nickel: Crucial for a Green Future

Class 1 Nickel is essential for electric vehicle batteries like NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) and NCA (Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum), which power most of today’s electric vehicles (EVs). As EV demand grows, Class 1 Nickel’s role in sustainable transportation becomes even more critical. TGEM’s MHP (Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate), an essential intermediate product for Class 1 Nickel with over 50% nickel content, supports this revolution.

World's Leading Nickel Reserves

Global reserves of nickel, led by Indonesia’s largest share, play a pivotal role in the production of high-quality Class 1 Nickel, essential for advanced battery technologies that power the future of transportation and energy storage worldwide.

TGEM: A Vanguard in the EV Value Chain

Strategically positioned in Indonesia, TGEM leverages vast nickel resources to supply high-quality nickel crucial for the EV industry worldwide, focusing on the US and Western markets. Our operations adhere to stringent international sustainability standards.