GO STAL Nickel :
High-Quality MHP Production

Focused on producing high-quality MHP, GO STAL Nickel utilizes advanced STAL technology to deliver exceptional quality.

High-Quality MHP for the Global Market

GO STAL Nickel has a production capacity of 800 tons of Class 1 Nickel per year, equivalent to 3,200 tons of MHP per year. Our MHP products are known for their high-quality, featuring nickel content exceeding 50%, far above the industry standard of 30-40%. We have exported our high-quality MHP to several notable customers around the world.

Pioneering the Commercialization of STAL Technology

GO STAL is the first commercial MHP production facility using advanced TGEM’s STAL technology. The process involves the STAL core process, followed by Acid Leaching, then Filtering & Extraction, leading to the final output of MHP. This specialized focus allows us to achieve exceptional quality and efficiency in nickel extraction.

Pioneering New Frontiers

GO STAL is committed to continuous innovation in nickel extraction and processing. Stay tuned as we explore new methods and materials to enhance our production capabilities and sustainability.

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