STAL One Ecopark: Pioneering Innovation and Sustainability

STAL One Ecopark sets new benchmarks in sustainability and innovation, serving as TGEM’s R&D Center and integrating advanced technologies for Class 1 Nickel production.

Comprehensive Nickel Production Ecosystem

STAL One Ecopark is more than a production facility; it is a fully integrated ecosystem. Our advanced infrastructure includes MHP production, magnesium sulfate recovery, and iron oxide processing. This seamless integration minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency.

Operational Excellence and Capacity

STAL One Ecopark is designed to produce 2,750 tons of Class 1 Nickel per year, equivalent to 12,000 tons of MHP annually. Our facilities are built to ensure efficient use of resources and adherence to high environmental standards.

Leading Research and Development

STAL One Ecopark is TGEM’s hub for research and development. Our dedicated R&D Center focuses on pioneering advancements in nickel extraction and processing technologies. We aim to continually enhance efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At STAL One Ecopark, sustainability is central to our mission. Our zero waste initiative ensures that all residues are processed into valuable by-products. The facility is designed to use minimal energy and resources, supporting TGEM’s vision for a greener future.

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