Sustaining Our World: TGEM's Commitment to the Future

At TGEM, sustainability isn’t just part of our business — it defines our mission and drives our innovation in the nickel industry.

Our Foundational Pillars of Sustainability

TGEM is built on four pillars that ensure our operations and innovations continuously enhance environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our STAL technology significantly lowers GHG emissions, achieving a carbon footprint more than 30% lower than exiting hydrometallurgical methods and more than 70% lower than pyrometallurgical methods, leading the industry towards greener production methods.

Zero Waste Initiative

Zero Waste Initiative

Through innovative processing, all materials from our operations are converted into valuable by-products, ensuring nothing is wasted and supporting global sustainability goals.

Water Conservation in Production

Water Conservation in Production

Our process reduces water needs more than 15% compared to existing hydrometallurgical methods, reflecting our commitment to preserving natural resources.

Advancing Transparency and Efficiency

We integrate advanced digital systems to enhance operational efficiency and transparency, ensuring compliance with global ESG standards.

Achieving Zero Waste Through Innovation and Efficiency

At TGEM, zero waste is more than a policy; it’s a practice. Our comprehensive strategy repurposes potential waste into valuable by-products like iron oxide and magnesium sulfate, adding value to the industry and community while supporting environmental sustainability.