TGEM and LPR Advance Sustainable Class 1 Nickel Production with Go STAL Investment


JAKARTA, Indonesia, February 26, 2024 – Trinitan Green Energy Metals (“TGEM” or the “Company”) is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking investment from PT Lima Pilar Resources (“LPR”) in TGEM’s subsidiary, PT Gostal Nickel Indonesia (“GO STAL”). This strategic investment, inaugurated at a signing event on February 23rd, 2024, underscores TGEM’s relentless pursuit of environmental excellence and technological breakthroughs, positioning the Company at the vanguard of the nickel industry’s sustainable transformation.

This investment is a testament to TGEM and GO STAL’s robust strategic initiative to scale up sustainable Class 1 nickel production, focusing on Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (“MHP”) manufacturing. It signals a shared vision between TGEM and LPR, highlighting their commitment to cater to the surging global demand for high-quality, sustainable nickel, pivotal for the Electric Vehicle (“EV”) market and associated green technologies.

Central to TGEM’s operational ethos is its proprietary STAL (Step Temperature Acid Leach) Technology, a result of 15 years of dedicated research and development. This proprietary hydrometallurgical process sets new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in nickel processing, aligning with stringent Western market standards, particularly the US Inflation Reduction Act’s requirements.

TGEM’s process technology and environmental initiatives are epitomized by the STAL One Ecopark project, aimed at drastically reducing the environmental footprint of Class 1 nickel production. Complementing this is TGEM’s Zero Waste Initiative, which embodies the Company’s commitment to a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency and eliminating waste.

PT Lima Pilar Resources, with its diversified investment portfolio, views this investment as a strategic move to bolster resource development and environmental conservation. LPR’s investment philosophy aligns with sustainable and innovative growth across various sectors, underpinning its commitment to the circular economy and responsible environmental stewardship.

“Through this strategic investment from LPR, TGEM is set to redefine the global Class 1 nickel production landscape,” states Richard Tandiono, Executive Chairman of TGEM. “Our shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and responsible resource development will not only advance our operations but also contribute significantly to the global shift towards green energy solutions.” Hanny Hendarso, Chief Executive Officer at LPR added, “Investing in TGEM’s GO STAL is more than a financial decision; it’s a testament to our belief in sustainable development and technological innovation as catalysts for change. Together, we are poised to make a significant, positive impact on the industry and the planet.”

The investment from LPR not only cements TGEM’s leadership in sustainable Class 1 nickel production but also highlights the strategic investments essential for fostering innovation and sustainability within the industry. With LPR’s backing, GO STAL is primed for accelerated growth, further enhancing TGEM’s global footprint in the Class 1 nickel market.

About Lima Pilar Resources
Lima Pilar Resources is an investment and operating (trading) company focused primarily on the energy sector, sustainable growth, and innovation. Committed to fostering positive environmental and social impact, LPR’s diversified portfolio spans various sectors, including energy, technology, and resource development. Guided by principles of sustainability, LPR actively supports initiatives that advance the circular economy and promote responsible practices.

About Trinitan Green Energy Metals
Trinitan Green Energy Metals (TGEM) is a leader in sustainable Class 1 Nickel production in Indonesia, committed to environmental stewardship and technological innovation. Leveraging proprietary STAL Technology, TGEM is a pioneer in efficient and sustainable nickel processing, catering to the global demand for electric vehicles and advanced technologies. Dedicated to a zerowaste and circular economy approach, TGEM sets new industry standards in metal processing, adhering to international environmental and quality regulations. For more information about Trinitan Green Energy Metals and its innovative solutions, visit:

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