TGEM Unveils Revolutionary STAL Technology at InterBattery 2024 – Korea

March 6, 2024 – At the prestigious Battery Conference held during InterBattery 2024 in Seoul, Korea, Trinitan Green Energy Metals (TGEM) took center stage as Mr. Achmad Haerul Yusro, VP of Research & Development, presented the groundbreaking STAL Technology. This innovative approach not only promises to redefine Class 1 nickel processing standards but also addresses critical environmental concerns, heralding a new era of sustainable metal production.

In a world grappling with the urgent need for sustainable solutions, TGEM’s STAL Technology emerges as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. Developed over a decade of dedicated research and testing, this patented technology significantly surpasses current market standards by producing Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) with more than 50% nickel content, a feat that underscores TGEM’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

STAL Technology’s modular design ensures unmatched scalability and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for Indonesia’s varied mining concession landscape. Mr. Yusro’s presentation delved deep into the technology’s capacity to leverage Indonesia’s rich nickel resources, particularly Limonite, for the production of Class 1 Nickel, a critical component in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing.

Central to TGEM’s philosophy are the four pillars of sustainability: the Zero Waste Initiative, Low Carbon Footprint, Low Water Consumption, and ESG Tracing and Tracking. These principles guide TGEM’s operations, aiming to achieve a circular economy through innovative waste management and ensuring compliance with strict environmental regulations, specifically focused on the US & Western markets.

As TGEM gears up for the commissioning phase of its MHP production facility, GO STAL, it also progresses with strategic projects like the STAL ONE Ecopark in Bogor and the IGNITE Ecopark in Sorong. These initiatives are designed to foster sustainable nickel production ecosystems, highlighting TGEM’s role as a pioneer in promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility within the nickel industry.

“STAL Technology represents a monumental leap forward in our industry,” stated Mr. Yusro. “Not only does it offer a viable solution to the pressing challenges of waste management and carbon footprint, but it also positions TGEM at the forefront of sustainable nickel processing, ready to meet the demands of the burgeoning EV market.”

InterBattery 2024, first launched in 2013 in Seoul, Korea, is Korea’s leading battery exhibition showcasing various new products and technologies related to the battery industry. With its significant growth and influence, InterBattery 2024 signifies the future of the international battery industry, bringing together leading companies from around the world to drive innovation and address the challenges of tomorrow.

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